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Notice about spring semester 2021 on School Opening Work Arrangement


Dear All,

According to the school requirements about the Spring Semester of 2021, and in light of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, we hereby inform you of the work arrangements for international students about the spring semester of 2021 as follows,

1. Teaching Schedule

(1) Degree students (undergraduate & postgraduate): Online classes will start on March 1 (Monday) according to the timetable and teaching plan. From March 1 to 21, all students will participate in online teaching activities through the online platform; from March 22 (Monday), students on campus will resume offline teaching, while students outside the campus including overseas students will continue  online study.

(2) Language students: classes will be officially started on March 1 (Monday), and online study will be adopted.

2. Requirements for International Students

(1) Considering that the current international situation of COVID-19 is still grim, please be careful and take personal protection measures, obey the epidemic prevention management regulations of the local government, reduce moving and do not go to places categorized as medium or high-risk areas, pay attention to food safety and stay home for studies or scientific research. Daily health report is required to be submitted through the WeChat group. Once you have a fever, higher body temperature, coughing, etc., go to the local hospital immediately and inform the university.

(2) Every student remains in Beijing should follow the four prohibitive requirements”:unless it's really necessary, do not leave Beijing, do not go abroad, do not gather together, and do not go to medium and high-risk areas. Please wear the mask properly, wash your hands frequently, refuse gathering, strictly obey the prevention and control regulations, and keep the social distance as required. Students living in the dormitory continue to implement the no-leaving regulations, and student living outside the university should stay in the community you live in as much as possible, and dont go to risky areas or crowded places.

(3) The returning time for international students has not been determined yet, so please do not book the air ticket to China without notification. We will dynamically adjust prevention and control measures and related requirements in accordance with the situation of epidemic prevention and control and related work arrangements of superiors. School notices will arrive at you timely through the WeChat group and shall be checked through your WeChat.

3. Safety and Sanitary Inspection of Students’ Dormitory

A safety and sanitary inspection of international studentsdormitory will be carried out at 10:00 am (Friday) on March 5.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support!

School of International Education

February 27, 2021