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International Students Did Well in "Wu Dong Beijing"



        On May 30, the first "Wu Dong Beijing" Martial Arts Assembly of International Students, jointly supported by Communist Youth League of Beijing Municipal Committee, China International Youth Exchange Center, Beijing University Students' Sports Association and many other units, was held at Yifu Stadium in Beijing Language and     CultureUniversity. 114 foreign students from 16 universities and 36 countries and regions took part. Our school organized a team of four foreign students, including FELIX, RAFAEL, OSCAR and OMAR, to participate in this competition.

        Before the competition, each student actively prepared and shot his own martial arts video and participated in the online voting of 2015 International Wulin Competition forBeijingUniversitiesand Colleges. At the end, FELIX, RAFAEL, and OSCAR won Network Popularity awards. On the day of martial arts competition, the four students tried their best and did a wonderful job. Their splendid routine techniques impressed the audiences a lot, which made them became the focus of the competition and get lots of messages from Wechat fans.